About Our Service


Some things are meant to last

The picturesque mountains that surround New Westminster. The unique heritage homes that were built near the turn of the century. The Fraser River, with its many twists and turns. These icons serve as examples of things that stand the test of time.
For Mick McLennan, these images represent everything that is solid, stable and enduring about New Westminster. Born and raised here, Mick appreciates the grand tradition of the area and what these symbols have come to represent to him. Security, comfort and peace of mind. Over the course of his lifetime, economies, politics and styles may have changed but the inherent beauty and friendly spirit that characterize New Westminster have always remained the same. They are the things that have kept him here.

Forming lifelong bonds

As a young man, Mick began playing rugby in high school. It began as simply a fun hobby, but he found that through the years, the friendships he formed with his team mates were strong bonds that would last a lifetime. The very same boys he began playing with so many years ago have now grown into men with wives and children of their own. The relationships they formed however, are still intact today and their entire families now enjoy spending time together.

A Valued Professional

Perhaps it is this lesson in lifelong relationships that has made Mick such a valued professional. When he works with people, his goal goes beyond achieving successful transactions. Instead, Mick seeks to build trusting relationships that will stand the test of time. These partnerships transcend a mere business level and are actually built on friendship, common values and a shared commitment to each other.

A Straight Forward Approach

As a real estate professional in New Westminster and the surrounding area, Mick takes great pride in his work. He’s been in the industry for over 26 years, yet he still gets as thrilled about bringing together each new family with the right home as if it were his very first patron. Each client poses new and exciting challenges as well as the opportunity to form a lasting friendship. Like the area itself, Mick enjoys helping them find their own security, comfort and peace of mind by providing them with transactions that will stand the test of time.
People appreciate his enthusiasm and straight forward approach to business. They always know where they stand with Mick and it has allowed him to establish a lasting reputation built on trust and integrity. If something seems at all wrong with your transaction, Mick would rather walk away and move on to finding you one that is better suited to your needs. This commitment to his clients is also why so much of his business comes from referrals. By treating people the way he likes to be treated himself, Mick has proved to be yet another symbol of endurance characteristic of New Westminster.

Making Informed Decisions

If you looking to make a move in New Westminster or the surrounding area, give Mick McLennan a call. As a local native, he has the experience and insight to make your transaction a complete success. Helping people with one of the most important decisions of their life is not something to be taken lightly and Mick knows that by providing his clients with his knowledge, patience and understanding, they will be able to make an informed and educated decision without any pressure. The result will be a successful transaction that will stand the test of time.

Service You Can Count On

As a local resident and father himself, Mick knows that your move affects your entire family so he does everything necessary to ensure you reach your goals. With a full-time assistant, a wealth of local market knowledge to draw from and his personable style of working hands-on with people, Mick never gives less than his best efforts in helping people find the results they are looking for.
Mick McLennan: Standing the Test of Time

The foundation behind Mick’s service:
“My number one priority is making sure you’re comfortable with your investment decision. I’m here to ensure you have all the information necessary to make a move that will make you happy for many years to come. Hopefully, when your transaction is completed, you will feel assured that you got the most for your money, made the best choice for your needs and established a trusting relationship that will stand the test of time.”
Mick McLennan